Price & Discount


1 >  Are the prices on mustikajewelry in USD ?

Yes, the prices on our website are in USD.

2 >  Do your prices include shipping cost ?

Yes, the prices of our products on our site include any shipping costs.

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3 >  Can we always declare low ?

Yes, we will do our best to help you with this. If you need advice about whether a particular declared value is deemed possible, we will then look at the contents of your order and your country and assess what declared value is sensible for custom and duties.

Discount Policy

Special notice about the promotion products, due to the condition that customers who place Large Order with us, we also offer one off discount to them. Discount policy about the large single order, discount 35 % off the total regular items cost of single order is more than  $ 2,500.00 USD. Please be kindly noted that the discount is only for special order.

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